HeavyD's Summer Ladder

This ladder is a 9 week (2 month) ladder designed to encourage activity during the summer months.

Ladder mission week runs from 12:01 AM Monday and goes to 11:59 PM Sunday. Results posted for previous week on Monday at 10 PM

Killboards will be located at the following links:

Mission 1 Mission 1
Mission 2 Mission 2
Mission 3 Mission 3
Mission 4 Mission 4
Mission 5 Mission 5
Mission 6 Mission 6
Mission 7 Mission 7
Mission 8 Mission 8
Mission 9 Mission 9


Scoring for this ladder will follow a points-based system, much like what would be found in most racing leagues (at least that I know of) The 1st place pilot for each mission will also receive a Golden Wings medal.  2nd place will receive a Silver Wings medal, and 3rd place will receive a Bronze Wings medal.  At the end of the 9 weeks, the pilots with the most points for each platform will be awarded the Grand Champion medal for that platform


Killboards will be up on the main ITOD page, but there will be mission standings updated daily on the VSG site in order to reflect the standings for each mission based on the kills/time criteria and an overall standings page to show total points earned for the ladder. 

Overall Standings:

BoP              XWA