Inter-Club Training Event

Every week the ICTE take places on IRC from 12pm Saturday (GMT-500) until 12am Sunday. It takes place on in #outerrim.

As a member of the Rebel Squadrons, be sure to report your matches so that you will earn merits for participating in the ICTE.

Game Sign-Ups

To sign-up for a particular game type:

You'll receive a conformation in the following format:

When another player signs-up a match will be formed, as indicated by:

To sign-up for a team match against multiple opponets type:

Reporting Scores

To report a match for the event, message the host (likely Karel) the following information:

Similiarly for team matches:


  1. Play fair.
  2. Don't be a jerk.
  3. Have fun.

There are more detailed rules, but if you observe the abbridged ones, you should have no problems.