XvT and XWA Multiplayer

Understanding TCP/IP. If you are not familiar with playing XvT multiplayer games, this section will be very helpful for you. It's important you know how to do this, as we compete in multiplayer against each other as well as in Inter-Club Competitions

TCP/IP addresses are what computers use to connect to each other over the internet. Programs such as Netscape, and Microsoft Internet Explorer all use TCP/IP connections to send data to their computers. TCP/IP is just another way to find other computers over the internet. Every time you connect to the internet, your ISP gives you an IP address. This address is what we use to connect to each other when playing XvT. That is the way the game is set up, making it very easy and reliable to connect to each other over the internet.

In windows, there is a program developed to tell you your IP address. It determines your computer's IP address everytime you connect to the internet.

To determine your IP address, connect to the internet using your local Internet Service Provider. Then under start, go to run, and type in 'cmd'. In the box that appears, type in 'ipconfig'. This will start the IP configuration program. You should get a screen much like this:

The only time you ever need to determine your IP address is when YOU are hosting an XvT game. If someone else is hosting the game, they will give you their IP address.

XVT Multiplayer Using TCP/IP

  1. When you start up XvT, after connecting to the internet, go to the Configure screen.
  2. From there, click on the TCP/IP connection. ALSO click on the option INTERNET: YES (Both must be lit.)
  3. If you are hosting a game you can leave the configure screen and click host game up top on the XvT mainscreen.
  4. If you are joining a game, type in the host's IP address in the space allowed. Exit the config screen and click on join game.

XWA Multiplayer Using TCP/IP

  1. When you start up XWA, after connecting to the internet, go to the Combat Simulator.
  2. Select Multiplayer from the options listed.
  3. Then either select Host Game or Join Game, and then enter the information required.

The Errant Venture

Another method of connecting with players is to use the program called the NRSD Errant Venture (EV for short). This is used for most inter-club competitions.

Instructions on how to use this can be found here.

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