IRC How To

The Internet Relay Chat (IRC), is used as the primary form of chat between members of the Renegade Fleet and the Rebel Squadrons as a whole. If it is your first time using IRC, then it may be confusing figuring out how to log on. The following should help ease your troubles and get you chatting with your fellow Rebel Squadrons members. To get a copy of IRC, simply go to and download the program accordingly.

Renegade Fleet Help with mIRC

Setup - There will be a few things that you have to do before you can start chatting. The first thing will be to configure your IRC to your computer. When you open up mIRC you will see this pop up menu:

If this menu does not pop up on start up, simply click the icon with the hammer and folder, next to the icon of the lightning bolt.

On this popup menu, fill in all of the categories above. Your fullname, your email address, your Nickname (the name you want to use when you're on IRC), and your Alternative Nickname. Take thefollowing diagram as an example:

On the vertical list on the left of the menu you will see Connect, Options, Local Info, Identd, and Firewall. Click on Identd. It should look like this:

Here, be sure that Enable Ident server is checked, as well as Enable only when connecting. Also, put your userID into the space for it. When you are finished it should look like this:

You may now log on to mIRC.

Choosing a server is different. The Rebel Squadrons uses the Undernet as its main chat server. Your server menu is here, highlighted in Maroon Red:

You can use any Undernet server. If you can't get onto one, simply try others. Go to Options and configure your program to keep trying to connect using different servers.

Now once you get onto an Undernet server, you need to find the right Channel. The Rebel Squadrons spends most of its downtime in channel #RS_bar_and_grill. Simply type at the bottom of that window /join #RS_bar_and_grill You may also join channel #RgF That's where the pilots from the Renegade Fleet hang out. So stop on by and have downtime with your fellow pilots.

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