Welcome to the Rebel Squadrons headquarters for LucasArts Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT), a space combat simulation game. We participate in single-player (SP) missions and multi-player (MP) combat.


Rebel Squadrons pilots create new custom single- and multi-player missions for XvT in which pilots compete against each other for the honors of best squadron and "Top Gun." These custom missions, known as Interactive Tours of Duty (ITODs), follow a unique and original fictional storyline that makes them part of the Star Wars universe.

Pilots also participate in multi-player skirmishes, such as one-on-one (1v1) and two-on-two (2v2). Each month the RS takes part in Battlestats's XvT Week of War, as well as playing in local competitions run by the RS or an ally, such as the Inter-Club Training Event or the Outer Rim Wars. Further, there are various intra-club competitions to help pilots hone their dogfighting skills and encourage competition between squadrons.

Current Mission

XvT Tour 3, Mission 11b: "Final Strike - Buildup 2" (RgF 111.2)

Single-player reports

Please report using the new ITOD system at the mission's scoreboard page.

For historical reports, use the reporter on the Historical Missions Main page.

Multiplayer reports

Please report using the new Central Multiplayer system.